Christmas is always celebrated in the Philippines as if it were the last time. The small towns vie for the favor of their inhabitants with millions of luminaries, and people flock every evening to take pictures in front of the light arrangments. In the run-up to Christmas, Christmas celebrations are held in every business, no matter how small, and this year they are particularly extensive, because the last two years events were severely restricted, usually even banned.

Even our employees have been talking about only one topic for weeks: Christmas parties. The Christmas party in Patag, Marilog was on December 15, which is the day the salary is paid and the day the 13th month salary is paid. Our crew to take care of your trees is 21 people, with our office crew 25. More than 80 people came with their children and kids, so many that we ran out of food late in the afternoon. But everyone had fun, because the subsequent games with prizes quickly became more important than a stomach stuffed by food.

In Monkayo and Montevista we have seven employees for the trees, because they are already bigger and require less care. With our farm workers, however, there are 14, and with our office 19. This Christmas party on December 21 we had limited to 35, a number that was only slightly exceeded. The Inland resort with swimming pool was the ideal venue. The food was so plentiful that families could still take the remaining food to feed their relatives.

The children sit very comfortably on the colorful Mama Earth chairs made from marine trash and we hope that this will increase their interest in school and make learning more comfortable.

Light tunnel in Monkayo. For the families in the pre-Christmas period, the evening meeting place to take hundreds of photos, which are then examined again in amazement.

Christmas celebration in Patag, Marilog.

Christmas celebration in Monkayo, Davao de Oro.

After countless attempts to visit, we finally had success. The schools are open again, although not all of them yet. In January 2023 we will be able to send the certificates for the school chairs. If you still want to donate a chair or even several, just click here:

Often our high-quality myTree gift cards for our reforestations were called “boring” . Here we have now reached into the color pot. For just 10 euros you get a printed card with the individual photo of your tree and its coordinates. This is, according to our research, unique and not offered by any other organization. For the picture below you need to encode 7.40349N125.25692E to see the location of your tree in our reforestation activities around the tribal village. To purchase click here:

Our campaign bamboo toys for the children to avoid plastic is unfortunately a flop. We have not been able to bring in enough orders to meet the minimum order quantity. The transportation from Leythe to Davao would be too high for the shortage and would eat up most of the donations. Donors will get their money back.

Another bad news. Our ordered books for the children to be distributed at the two Christmas parties have not been delivered. Too bad, but we have been promised January 2023 as the new delivery date. It is not a big problem, because we are always on site and will hand out the books when they arrive. Books are always a joy, so no occasion is needed.

Maybe you like to have a look in our edited free Mangrove eBooklet? Klick here:

We also have a wish. Spread our Work report to friends and acquaintances. The higher the reach, the more we can help our planet. Thank you

We have made our myTree cards more attractive. We invite you to participate in our unique reforestation program. As a reminder, each tree is photographed during planting and in the header of each photo you will find the coordinates. This way you can be sure that it is your tree and not just any tree somewhere, because the coordinates exist only once.

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