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    Mangroves are important to reduce CO2 levels. We plant mangroves every day and offer two ways to support us:

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The Gulf of Davao forms a deep inlet on the eastern side of Mindanao Island (Philippines). Its water surface is twelve times larger than Lake Constance. More than 15 years ago, the huge bay supplied more than three million people with edible fish. Those days are over. Large fleets fish the fish in the open part of the bay, and for decades the mangroves in the shore region were cut down in the Gulf. The trunks were used for pile dwellings, and the aerial roots were processed into charcoal.


In the meantime, the mangroves are protected as they are the most important ecosystem in the world next to the rainforest. Mangroves protect coasts and reefs, but are also indispensable breeding grounds for fish offspring. They provide an unparalleled microcosm due to the large amount of leaves that fall daily and rot on the bottom. A playground for worms, snails and maggots, which serve as food for the small fish. Flies and mosquitoes buzz above the water level, tasting good to the birds. At the top of the food chain are then the iguanas and snakes.

Donate mangroves – by subscription

To strengthen our mangrove plantings we offer a mangrove subscription. For 120 euros a year, we plant a mangrove for you every day – 365 times.

Mangroves are known to be the “rainforests of the oceans” and protect coasts and reefs, create breeding grounds for fish and birds; but also bind CO2 like hardly any other plant. That’s why we are reforesting on a massive scale. We have already planted 1.65 million. We are currently planting the Malizia Mangrove Park in Mati, Mindanao, Philippines, where 1,000,000 mangroves are expected to grow by the end of 2021. Over 200,000 (as of January 2021) have already been planted.

Donate mangroves – very individual

20.00€ – 100.00€

Mangrove Foundation. Your donation of 60, 150 or 300 mangroves helps to continue our successful work on the coasts of Mindanao. The price of €0.33 for one mangrove covers the collection of seeds, the raising of seedlings in Mama Earth nurseries, and the release of the mangroves.

✓ You will receive a donation receipt upon request.

✓ With our free work report we inform you monthly

✓ As soon as possible we want to pass the two million hurdle of planted mangroves

✓ We grow mangroves year-round in our own nurseries.

Choose your mangrove help from three possible packages:


The Mama Earth Foundation has been reforesting mangroves for more than 20 years. In previous projects, over a million mangroves have been planted on Mindanao. With this wealth of experience, we started the “Malizia Mangrove Park” project in 2020 together with world-class professional sailor Boris Herrmann. There is a dedicated website for this. The goal is one million mangroves. Until we have reached this goal, we will plant mangroves exclusively in the “Malizia Mangrove Park”.