• Reforestation from Mama Earth

    Support our reforestation efforts in the Philippines.


In the Philippines, the overexploitation of our nature was omnipresent. Out of ignorance, greed or ignorance, whole areas were destroyed. In addition, agribusinesses run the soil dry by introducing chemicals into their monocultures (bananas, pineapples, etc.). Thereby not only the habitat of the animal and plant world is destroyed, but ultimately also of the people living there.

This is where Mama-Earth comes in holistically. We raise awareness of environmental protection in schools and companies and reforest cleared areas every day. We finance the reforestations, for example, through our high-quality myTree gift cards; for the mangrove reforestations, we rely on donations.

Through our own tree nurseries under the management of our foresters, we can grow seedlings at low cost and distribute them with the help of the local population in large planting campaigns. Therefore, every euro counts. Even a small donation directly benefits nature.


We want you to get real value for your financial support. You can therefore choose from the following projects:


Endow mangroves

As a package or subscription

Wake up every morning with the feeling of having done something good? This is possible for little money with our mangrove subscription for 120 euros per year. We plant a mangrove for you every day. With the mangrove subscription you can also regulate your CO2 balance. A human being causes about 12 tons of CO2 per year, which can be compensated by the mangrove subscription.

One mangrove costs 0,33 Euro. Of course you can also buy mangroves in a package starting at 20€, without any subscription or obligation.


Your personal tree with coordinates

Our myTree campaign was launched after a long period of preparation. The thorough studies have grown into a tree planting program that can probably be described as unique in the world. Everyone is invited to plant.

Are you looking for an unusual gift? Then the myTree gift card is just right, because the photos all bear the coordinates of the planting location. So you can be sure to own this tree. We offer the myTree card as a download or as a high-quality gift card.


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