At the moment we are reading again about the short­age of wood and price increases. That‘s right, but also homemade, because it has been known for decades that less wood will be available in the long term. However, afforestation was not seen as profitable, and cutting down trees is easy money, especially when the trees are felled in countries where any permit can be issued for a few dollars. As has already been written here several times, the wood market is also a speculative business. As with all raw materials, a temporary shortage is very lucrative for the trade, as the sales prices can be adjusted upwards profitably.

Reforestation need money. Teak trees in particular require a lot of work in the first three years.

Lumber prices over 40 % more in sechs months according to this newspaper article from Switzerland.

Modern forestry also allows many other shrubs, bushes and trees on “plantations”, but only when the mahogany trees have formed their deep roots.

Biodiversity or biological diversity is not a competition, but an enrichment. Trees love it, but only if there is enough rain in the area because mahagony trees are very thirsty.

From my point of view, a quick change is fundamentally necessary. For a long time I worked for the organization “Rainforest Rescue” in Hamburg, which is close to my heart. Started over 30 years ago with the purchase of forest properties in Intag / Ecuador to this day with the reforestation of mangroves. Fruitful, but unsuccessful discussions were one of the reasons for the Mama Earth Foundation to come up with a different concept. For years I had to observe that the timber traders do not stop at nature reserves either. It is cut down until there is no tree left. That is why it is primarily important to protect old trees, because these are the guarantors for forests to be restored.

In addition, the existing forests must be reforested in order to give an impact to expansion. For this we offer the myTree gift cards, which you are welcome to buy. You can read more information on the page below.
But it doesn‘t work out if we don‘t provide wood. Environmental organizations around the world have always dealt with forest protection and unfortunately always lost. The fact is: no seal, no contract, no agreement has protected forests, as can be seen in full force not only in Europe, Asia and South America. This is the case that more wood comes onto the market. If wood is available, no one has to fell trees illegally. Isn‘t that a nice goal?
Environmental organizations should start planting timber. It doesn‘t have to be bare plantations where no more birds sing and no more frogs hop. Mama Earth Foundation shows the way. It goes without all chemical toxins. They are forbidden on Mama Earth farms. If, in addition, the distances between the trees are wide enough, a colorful life unfolds almost like in a forest. A tour of the farms of our partners under the management of Mama Earth is therefore a bit like a walk in the forest, however, and this is inevitable, the mahogany trees are more numerous than others. But the concept should not only produce lumber, it should also help the farmers to get out of debt. Take part and join our program.