From December 21st we will take a break, because we have achieved quite a lot this year from our point of view. Optimizations are necessary, which we are working on during the Christmas break, but our system and its process have proven themselves. Now it is a matter of multiplying these areas. Mama Earth Foundation is divided into three working areas:

Here we are super active in Mati, where we will plant a million mangroves. Over 170,000 are already growing. If you want to eliminate your carbon footprint, you shouldn‘t hesitate and donate mangroves this year. Here again the favorable conditions for your own CO2 reduction: 60 mangroves cost 20 euros, 150 accordingly 50 euros and for 100 euros we plant 300 mangroves. So that you don‘t have to search long, just click here:

A somewhat neglected area since summer 2020 due to our mangrove activities. But it starts again: In 2021, a helpful campaign will start with the Tribes in Marilog: We will plant endemic trees and fruit trees in the schoolyards. In this way, the children experience up close what nature feels like. Whoever gave away some endemic trees beforehand is very welcome to buy our myTree cards. A special class gift. The card with the photo of your tree costs only 7.50 euros. The link:

The system of numbering the trees on the tree trunk has proven itself. Finally a perfect and affordable solution.

The new program for 2021 has been decided: plant trees in schoolyards to experience local trees up close.

Mangroves also protect seagrass meadows, which ensure the survival of manatees.

Massive apple mangroves often form a protective wall for our afforestation.

Commercial Timber Farming
A lot has happened here, which we are very happy about. They know that protecting forests and afforestation can only be successful if we can satisfy the world‘s hunger for wood. Getting in here is child‘s play, because our tree savings contract starts with 10 euros a month for 100 mahogany trees. Invest in a renewable raw material that will continue to be in great demand for decades. Just click:

Tree Market
This column was empty for a long time because people like to keep their mahogany trees. But now trees are on offer on two farms. If you are interested in five-year-old mahogany trees, i.e. only want to wait seven years until harvest, simply write us an email:

We wish you and your loved ones a relaxed Christmas and a happy new year. For the employees of the Mama Earth Foundation, our two Christmas parties in Marilog (Patag) and Monkayo ​​have been canceled this year, because the rules for meeting people in the Philippines have been tightened, which is tough for many Filipinos, because Christmas is here too enthusiasm celebrated. We will deliver the books that have already been bought to the children before Christmas. Even the small gifts for our employees will be given to bring a bit of Christmas to town.

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