We took one more big step forward in our mahogany project. Not only replenished the nursery, we also planted almost 10,000 seedlings in the mountains of Marilog in between our nursery work.
Our goals are like our work: simple but effective. However, success only comes because we as a foundation operate modestly and are not geared towards maximum profit, i.e. not continuing the mechanisms of the colonial era.
Fair play is the right term for our partner program. A program where the partners are also such. If everyone earns from success, all partners have fun working together for success. Three parts are involved: a landowner, a partner who provides the financial part and Mama Earth as the operator of the forestry. Everyone earns in the end, at the time of harvest.
Sometimes we clients and people asked when we have grown enough timber, in our case mahogany trees. The answer is simple: NEVER. Why? The answer is simple: The demand for wood is so huge that we can continue to plant this and next century and will never have any difficulties in bringing the wood onto the market.
Wood is not only a risk-free investment because sales are secured, but also helps to protect our forests, because nothing works without wood. We can only save natural forests from the chainsaw if we provide enough wood.
Wood prices are also subject to the international share holder market, like all other raw material prices. With ores and petroleum, however, they have the huge advantage that they have no expiration date. Who can wait for the best (daily) prices, will always make a profit. For this reason alone, it is not important to look at the price development every day when investing in wood, but rather to look at the trends over six to twelve months.
Wood of whatever kind is becoming more and more expensive. Due to a lack of wood, window frames, park benches and houses are now being built from other materials that later cause a lot of problems because they end up as garbage or even as hazardous waste in some landfill. That‘s the wrong way!
Wood as a renewable raw material should have absolute priority. No building material can be more environmentally friendly than a tree.
With our savings program it is easy to grow green capital. You can start with a monthly fee of 10 Euros/500 Peso only you own 100 mahogany trees. Best Christmast gift ever!

Our tree nursery in Patag is being expanded. 35,000 mahogany seedlings are used for the next plantings.

That‘s right. Always hold plant pots by the bottom or the side, never by the seedling!

We can plant and plant. We have almost infinite space.

Our activities with the mangroves are gratifyingly successful. At the moment we are concentrating exclusively on the plantings in Mati, because one million mangroves are no at small operation.
In order to ensure that nature is helped in a species-appropriate manner, the right varieties for the areas to be planted are determined under the leadership of the local colleg
e. Fortunately, many families are involved in the campaign and it is a pleasure to know that we are bringing work to the villages through the small family tree nurseries. The money earned for the seedlings mostly benefits the children, because almost everywhere the school conditions are adapted to the Corona restrictions. The children therefore need more school materials because the lessons have a modular structure and the documents have to be picked up and handed in once a week. And that at a time when the parents are financially worse off because their jobs have often collapsed. Mangroves not only help nature and the climate, but also directly help the people who work with us on this unique campaign.

Please watch our new mangrove video about our plantations in Mati:

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