Most trees worldwide are logged for firewood and paper products. But wood as a building material continues to be a favorite and is also an ideal CO2 storage facility, but only if it does not end up in firewood or wood pellets in heating systems and releases the stored CO2 through burning. If, for example, doors, cabinets or other components are build from the wood of a tree, the carbon remains bound – and the world is in order.
The demand for wood as a building material is gigantic and increasing. One question remains without an answer: Where should the wood in demand come from? Nobody knows the answer, but it is certain that the timber currently traded is not always legally harvested. Illegal logging must stop! To protect the forests, timber must be planted, the more the better. But please also with a social and sustainable strategy. And now we‘re in the topic:

Mahogany and Teak

Forest protection is not possible without timber foresty. Fortunately, Mama Earth Foundation has enough free space that is not used for food to expand our timber program. And we make hurry up. Please always remember that we give 50 percent of the wood value to the people who live here, we also create jobs immediately and are socially committed. Get involved. Here are two facts to make your decision easier:

From left: Mama’s mahogany trees in their element. Patag is characterized by its fertile soil and a lot of rain fall. Under these conditions, the teak trees also feel at home (right). However, trees also need the care of our employees.

Wormicast: We mix our own worm compost production into the soil. This improves the soil quality enormously and the trees enjoy the richness of the nutrients.

The better the soil, the higher the harvests. Cocoa trees are very sensitive if the soil values are not correct. You lose the strength to grow enough cacao pods, well filled with beans.

1. The savings package. With 34 Cent a day (10 Euro/USD month) you can already buy 100 mahogany trees, so you are a mini forest owner. I simply say here: Nobody can do better! After 12 years your trees are ready to harvest and you can start winning; with the good feeling of having done good. More Information can be found here:

100 Mahogany Savings Plan

If you have any questions, just write an email:

2. Google Earth. Major steps have been made here. The new images are getting more and more accurate in the free versions. At the beginning of the year, our fresh plantings were not visible because the dates were usually around three years old. We could see our trees in Monkayo and Montevista, but not the fresh ones in Marilog. So it may be that you can see your trees shortly after planting and can follow the growth. You can even see the past years using the timer. A big step for us because it increases the transparency of our activities even more. In my opinion there is no reason not to start with your mini forest today! We look forward to your partnership

Personal and personal

Reinhard Behrend (left), my fellow campaigner over many years passed away. We bought hundreds of hectares of rainforest to make life difficult for wood traders and launched successful campaigns, but also hotly debated about viable and affordable ways. Reinhard remains my good friend who selflessly sacrificed himself to save the lungs of the earth. His wife Dr. Bettina Behrend continues the association Rettet den Regenwald e.V..

The Mama Earth Foundation made sure to run for long. According to the statutes, a foundation has been set up for generations. In addition, security must be created in order to reliably manage and process the timber investments and reforestation.
Nicolai Kronberg (center) is President and Simon Lee Hoyle (right) is the Managing Director. Simon is an English, has lived in the Philippines for many years and a lot of experience in forestry.

Questions about the topic? Ask them to us!