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Transparency and openness

As a foundation we are committed to invest every Euro directly into our projects. We have a lean structure and great partners who support us with their work. Due to the easier administration, we save a lot of money, which we can use for the people and nature of the Philippines. We are examined annually by the government. With us, your money goes where it is desperately needed – guaranteed!

The distribution of your donation

You can support our work through donations. And it does not matter how much you have to spare: Even one Euro is admitted into our project and helps the people and nature. With support via PayPal or bank transfers, we distribute the money as it is needed. While making bank transfers, you can also choose a project you want to donate for in the reference line.

Donations via PayPal

Efficient: We distribute your donation to the most important projects
SSL-encoded communication
Easy: you donate with only two clicks
Fast: PayPal payments arrive in real time
Free: donating via PayPal is always free

Donations via bank transfers

Individual: Tell us, which project you want to support in the reference line
Flexible: no registration or login into PayPal needed
Secure: processing via your own bank
? Fees: Please inform yourself beforehand about the possible transaction fees

Our bank account

Bank account holder: Mama Earth Foundation Inc.
Bank account numer: 2561 1094 03
Bank: Regional state bank Davao
Swift code: TLBPPHMM


Join our foresters – We look forward to volunteer from all over the world.

The support on site is not a walk in the park. Especially in the mountain the change of climate from tropical daytime to cold winds at night is not always pleasant. Die plantations always take place where endemic trees are needed. Life there is easy, often we just stay in tents. We also plant in warmer regions, directly at the sea. Good stamina and English language skills are required. All expenses (journey, food, etc.) are to be paid by yourself, but we can help you planning.
It is worth the journey, you will learn a lot about the country and its people, experience the hospitality of the Filipinos and work for nature.

You will learn a lot about the important task and the right way to plant different tree species. Be it mangroves, which are not less important than the rainforests, or endemic trees that are increasing the green lung of the earth. You will see the world differently after your visit.


  • Step 1: Contact us!

    Contact us using the contact form. Tell us in which area you would like to work, who you are and what kind of experience you have already gained.

  • Step 2: examination and processing

    We process your request and look around, where and when we can deploy you. Trees are not getting planted all year round, but also maintained and monitored. Thus, there is a variety of tasks available.

  • Step 3: Confirmation

    After the exam we contact you and discuss the details. We also give suggestions flight routes, transfers and hotels.

  • Step 4: Welcome on board

    At the appointed time, you travel to us and we welcome you into the Mama Earth family.


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