Mama Earth has planted well over 2,500,000 mangroves and trees in Mindanao/Philippines to date. With the highest transparency. With us it is easy to shape the planet, be it through mangroves (0,33 Euro) or with endemic trees growing into forests (10 Euro including noble gift card), but also through lucrative farm partnerships.

Tree Partnerships

Learn more about Mahogany and Teak farm partnerships, tree savings contracts, myTree native tree sponsorships and MicroEngagements.

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Bamboo Plantations

Read why bamboo is good for our atmosphere, how it can be used as and as a material, not only für constructions, and how you can benefit from the Bamboo Share Holder concept.

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News about our mangroves

We regularly publish smaller reports about our mangroves. Here you can read the latest news:

News about Mama Earth

We regularly publish smaller reports about our work. Here you can read the latest news:


Mankind have managed to cut the number of the Earth’s trees in half. To provide the growing population with food, fuel, living space and the ever-increasing demand for wood, about 15 billion trees get cut down each year.

You, as a consumer, decide how the world looks like with a choice of supported projects. You can choose between Social Projects, “Green Products” and Green Investments.


Professional wood investment
Afforestation of deforested land
More than 1,600,000 planted trees
State-approved foundation
Ecological-social project support on-site


Mama Earth has already planted over 2,000,000 mangroves and hundreds of thousands of trees. A mangrove costs only 0.33 euros, an endemic tree 7.50 euros as a download or 10 euros with a noble gift card in which the photo of your tree with coordinates is inprinted.

Specific projects. We want to make your support visible. Um 100 Prozent Transparenz zu schaffen, haben wir ein aufwendiges System entwickelt: Jeder Baum wird beim Pflanzen mit seinen Koordinaten fotografiert.
Jedes unserer Produkte hilft unsere Erde wieder ein bisschen grüner zu gestalten. Zudem können Sie sich und Ihren Liebsten eine Freude bereiten! Als Foundation bieten wir unsere Produkte zum Selbstkostenpreis an. Wir freuen uns über Ihre Unterstützung!


Nature conservation in connection with investment? For years, we have been successfully investing in teak and mahogany. Our program is designed for sustainability. It should not only be financially rewarding for you as an investor, but also for the farmers who we cooperate with and especially our environment. Each tree is a great help, so you can get started with even the smallest amount as an investor.


Mahogany Investments

12 years duration

Our standard investment

From planting to harvesting (rotation period), mahogany trees should be expected to last approximately 12 years. Then the diameter of the trunk should have reached more than 30 centimeters. Such a log contains about half a cubic meter of usable wood. A planted and grown mahogany seedling costs 13 euros and, when harvested, yields at least 40 euros for the investor. One cubic meter of mahogany (423.776007 board feet) costs about 270 euros. Or in other words, for a board feed, a timber merchant pays 37 pesos (January 2020). 424 board feet thus fetch 15,688 pesos = approx. 275 euros. However, a 12-year-old mahogany tree has only half a cubic meter of usable wood, so it fetches 137.50 euros. We round this amount off to 120 euros to cushion exchange rate fluctuations. The 120 euros are divided as follows: 60 euros for the farmer, 43.20 euros for the investor and 16.80 euros for the Mama Earth Foundation. The interest rates are at least 9.819 percent for 40 euros, 10.483 percent for 43 euros.


15 years duration

The longer investment

For teak, 15 years of rotation should be applied. Teak seedlings are a little more expensive (20 euros), because they require more care in the early years and we take care of your trees three years longer. We control and record growth and work with well-trained foresters and modern forestry equipment to achieve the best results. For example, we operate the “Wertasten”, that is, trimming the crowns. This ensures that nutrients that are not consumed in the crown benefit the development of the stems. High-quality navigation equipment assists us in surveying the sites and tracking our teams.

Mahogany Savings Plan

„Mini Forst“

100 mahogany trees with monthly payments

No one can do it better! You buy 100 trees that are already planted. For this, you send us 12 years = 144 months 10 euros via Paypal, for a total of 1,440 euros. When the savings amount of 1,440 euros is reached, 3,600 euros will be paid out after the harvest. There is no easier way to get trees. A great gift for children and teenagers.

Planting trees with Mama Earth

We are there where help is needed. In the Philippines, too, the overexploitation of our nature is omnipresent. Be it out of ignorance, greed or ignorance. In the process, not only is the habitat of the animal and plant world destroyed, but ultimately also that of the local people. But we are working on the implementation to change this condition. Success is linked to success. We see a good future.

365 mangroves for 120 euros a year

To accelerate our mangrove planting we offer a mangrove subscription. For 120 Euro per year we plant a mangrove for you every day – 365 times.

Mangroves are known to be the “rainforests of the seas”. They protect coasts and reefs, create breeding grounds for fish and birds; but also bind CO2 like hardly any other plant. We continue to reforest massively, currently in Mati, Mindanao, Philippines, Hopefully, with our already planted, we will reach the two million mark before the end of 2021.

myTree – Your tree with coordinates

Help reforest a forest. Our myTree trees are different species of trees. The trees are cared for for three years and then left to fend for themselves. You get your personal tree with coordinates in a nature reserve. Bis ein Wald entsteht braucht es Zeit, aber wir haben die Geduld und die Gewissheit aus anderen Projekten, dass die Natur es möglich macht.

Our monthly work reports

We do not hide behind beautiful pictures or advertising texts. We are outside for you every day, planting trees, talking to the institutions and further developing our projects. All with the goal: More trees on our planet. Our monthly newsletters contain all the information you need. You can also register here.

Our projects are processing

Our social projects do not only concern sustainable reforestation. We explain the gentle use of nature and teach organic farming. Our mangrove reforestations directly bring work and income to the fishing villages. We train the fisher families and show how honey and seaweed can be a part of their income.

Social Investment myTree – your personal tree with a photo

The goal is to plant 5,000,000 endemic trees and thus help nature to develop forest areas again. To achieve this goal, we do not collect donations, but offer you the purchase of a uniquely identified tree. By using the coordinates on your tree photo, you can see the exact planting point in Google Earth. Optionally as a download, as a gift card or in a low-priced pack of 10.

Mangrove project

The Davao Gulf is twelve times bigger than Lake Constance. It supplied over three million people with fish, which for various reasons is no longer possible. More than a decade ago, the mangroves were cut down thoughtlessly. But without mangroves, not only local biotope collapses but the spawning areas for fishes also get thinned out. So, support the afforestation with the purchase of mangroves.

Project ‚Veggie House‘

Vegetables are expensive in some provinces of Mindanao for various reasons: sometimes the soil is not suitable for cultivation or done very unprofessionally, at times it is pouring down and a few days later the sun burns ruthlessly. Although the tropical climate makes the trees grow quite well, but it is also a serious strain on sensitive vegetable roots. Vegetables grow well in the mountain areas, but the transport raises the price of the goods. Our answer: The Mama Earth “Veggie House”!

What lies behind Mama Earth?

For many years we have supported the establishment of protected areas and afforestation, including the planting of mangroves in the Davao Gulf, Philippines to encourage fish wealth. So far, we have been able to plant 1.037.000 mangroves (2017). The goal is 1,2 million, so only about 163,000 mangroves remain to reach that goal.

To put a hold on the catastrophic illegal impact in natural forests, we also plant mahogany and teak commercially. Within four years we managed to plant over 200,000 mahogany and teak trees. Due to the low entry-level price, we generate a good income and local farmers receive about 50 percent.

Non-profit foundation

As a non-profit and recognized foundation, we are committed to transparency and sincerity.

For the people

By buying our products and investing you give new hope to unfortunate areas. Thank you very much!

With the people

We are where the trees are missing and not in any office. Every week, our president, Ulrich Kronberg, drives to the plantation side and joins in.


Our green investments are certified by a notary and legally executed.

Strong partners

We support and are supported by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Phillipines (DENR).


Change through action

The consumer determines concretely how the world looks with the choice of supported projects. You can choose between different social projects in the areas of teak and mahogany.

Concrete projects instead of donations

For years we’ve been selling concrete products. If you buy a tree or a bag, you get an exact equivalent.


When it comes to environmental protection in connection with investment, transparency is our top priority. Therefore, we would like to convince you on our website and in a direct conversation to inspire you for our aspiration. If that should not be enough, you are welcome to visit us and see for yourself.

Social projects

Our social projects are not just based on afforestation, they are also accompanied by fundamental information. Ranging from the provision of school supplies for events about prober handling of nature, to the construction of greenhouses – we support the local population.