• 100 Mahogany Savings Plan

    Very easy to build capital and help to green the world.
    Your small monthly payment makes a big different.
    Start today with 10 US-Dollar a month

100 Mahogany Trees for 10 Euro/US-Dollar a month

Because it is time to act, we have launched a program that makes it easy to make green capital: You pay 10 Euro/US-Dollar a month and own 100 mahogany trees. If you have saved 1,440 Euro/US-Dollar after 12 years, you get a pay-out of 3,600 Euro/US-Dollar. It does not get any easier, but it does not get any faster either, because a mahogany tree takes 12 years to reach a trunk diameter of 32 to 36 centimeters.

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Your new trees

Your 100 mahogany trees are already planted and managed professionally by our foresters. Each of their trees carries a number and can be assigned without any doubt. You can visit them anytime. If one or more of your trees does not grow properly, it will be replaced by the Mama Earth Foundation’s overgrowths. If you purchase 100 trees you harvest 100 trees – without discussion.

Why mahogany trees?

Why mahogany trees? This timber is the safest, because mahogany has a beautiful color and straight growth, the number 1 wood for furniture manufacturing. Because of many construction projects, it is therefore possible at any time without problems to bring the wood to the market, without quantity limitation.

Doing good and maximum protection

After the harvest, you will receive your guaranteed 3,600 Euro/US-Dollar. Of the remaining sum, the residents who provide the land receive 50 percent of the wood value. Part of this money is tied up and used to set up educational institutions and better health care. The Mama Earth Foundation receives about 14 percent for management fees.

Our mahogany farms are controlled by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), backed by contracts with the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) at Davao City and the Matigsalog-Manobo Tribal Peoples Council of Elders Davao Inc. (MAMATRIPCEDI).

Interested in a subscription?

The monthly payments should be made via Paypal and we will certainly offer further payment options in future. Interested? Send us an e-mail: info@mama-earth.de or call us at 0063 82 287 07 33


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