We like to work on improving our activities. Now we have set another milestone from our point of view. Besides planting mangroves, our planters are now collecting garbage from the sea which does not seem to be decreasing. There are even well-founded estimates that describe that the rising economy will produce even more plastic waste, as consumer goods are increasingly ordered online. The packaging mania continues unchecked, and the serious consequences are increasing.
Plastic in the sea is not only a threat to marine life, it is also, when ground up into microplastics, a danger to all living creatures in a food chain. For example, if particles enter through the gills of fish, they could pass through the cell membranes of organs in humans after consumption and harm health, as a recent study shows.
We are currently planting 8,000 mangroves in San Isidro, and at the same time fish one kilogram of trash out of the sea for each mangrove, but not to dump it on land, but to have chairs for schools made from the marine trash. The standard chairs used so far are only made of cheap wood, which means a short life span in the tropical climate. The Mama Earth chairs are super sturdy. They are made of about 30 kilograms of collected plastic, which corresponds to the content of about six to seven bags.
Because we have started to collect the garbage in San Isidro, the schools there will also receive the first 230 chairs, which according to the Department for Education (DepEd) are urgently needed before the schools reopen soon. Help us to reach the goal. One chair costs 38 Euro.
You will receive a certificate in your name or in another name if you want to take the chair as a gift. Each chair has a number. In the certificate is the full address of the school with contact address. Let‘s go.

Mama Earth tree nursery in Patag: The seeds of the mahogany and teak trees are first planted in a germination bed of topsoil.

Children should not have to sell vegetables on the street, but should have the chance to go to school.

In these turbulent times, it is always restful to walk among the trees. Since we still „know“ the trees as seeds, it is amazing what they have become. We have all stages of growth constantly in front of us due to the constant expansion of our plantings. From the tender seedling to the stately tree. It is a pity that you cannot visit us due to the travel restrictions currently in force, as was the case two years ago. But this time will come again. The trees grow unimpressed. For this reason alone, they are a reliable opportunity to build green capital. In our program, earning profits is not the main focus, but is inevitably linked to the purchase of trees. The green money grows solidly and simultaneously with the tree. Trees grow, in the temperature-stable tropics around much faster, because the evergreen mahogany trees know no break. However, they must be able to drink a lot of water, for which the often heavy tropical downpours are most welcome.
Please don‘t forget that your trees provide good jobs, they generate income for villages and communities, and they enable children to attend school. To help you get started, we have launched our „Mini Forest“ savings program: 10 Euro a month for 100 mahogany trees, for 12 years. We call the program internally „No one can do it better“. If you are looking for a meaningful gift for your children or grandchildren, and you don‘t have to wait until Christmas, our tree savings contract is the perfect choice. Take advantage of it, because we would like to expand our activities further. This way we help people and nature, because legal wood minimizes illegal logging.

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