By the time you read this, the planting of 2,730 native trees will have been completed, several of which will bloom beautifully in different colours, such as Fire Tree, Golden Shower and Palawan Cherry, just to name a few particularly „flowery“ ones.
This planting activity in Marahan, Marilog, Davao, is not only to enrich diversity but also to show that flowering trees improve mood and spread good vibes. Not only is the fragrance of the blossoms already a sensory experience, they are also a feast for the eyes. But this action is at the same time our gentle pressure on the municipalities to finally allow us access to the schools to plant trees in the schoolyards. Because of the Corona measures, decisions are always postponed. In our opinion, the pupils should spend their breaks in the shade of the trees and not stay in the classrooms because of the blazing sun in the schoolyards.
Yes, these actions cost money. First, therefore, the bad news. Here in the Philippines, too, the cost of wages, transport and living has gone up. In short, we have to increase the prices of our myTree gift cards, because the printing company in Germany is also charging more for printing due to the sharp increase in paper prices. A high-quality myTree gift card now costs 10 Euro (10 tree cards only 85 Euro because we save on shipping costs), but a myTree tree download remains at 7.50 Euro.

Mama Earth Tree Nursery. The larger trees are reserved for the school projects.

Our small truck does a good job, but is now very susceptible to repairs.

Before each planting campaign, the areas are measured to determine how many trees can grow here.

First the positions are marked, then a hole is dug into which the seedlings are planted.

But for this money we also do a lot. Please watch the little video

What is our job? Finding and measuring areas, digging holes and planting seedlings from our own nurseries. Taking a photo, sorting the photos in the computer, sending them to the printer and then sending the high quality gift card to you with an envelope. Many, many hand movements. But with the coordinates at the top of the picture, you are also guaranteed to have your „own“ tree, which no one else in the world has. Planting doesn‘t get any more transparent than this. After planting, our work continues, or rather really begins. In the first six months we check on the seedlings every month, make sure everything is in order and remove the fast-growing grass. In the second half of the first year only every two months, in the second year after planting only every three months and in the third year every three months. After three years the trees should be able to stand on their own roots.
We would be pleased if you would use our tree cards for all occasions. Spontaneous occasions are: Birthdays, company anniversaries, weddings etc. Or simply give a tree to loved ones in between. Besides human joy, nature is also happy. Here you are on the order page:

In our video you can see two photos. If you enter the coordinates shown in the photos into Google Earth, which are also shown in the picture in your tree map above, you will „fly“ to the planting site. Here is an example of how the input must be done, i.e. without spaces and commas: 7.47754N125.29566E

After entering the coordinates in Google Earth, you can locate the exact planting site of your tree.

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