Also in the Philippines companies are prevented from starting regular business operations. To travel to other government districts, an additional health passport is now required, which shows that the traveler is not infected with Corona when starting the trip. Otherwise, “social distancing” applies, a corresponding distance between two people. The government has also given our seventeen cocoa workers a bit of financial support. All of them received a one time payment of 5,000 pesos (around 100 US-Dollar). We had also submitted an application for the Foundation, but the government treasury was already low tide before it was paid out. Perhaps also fair, because for us, as already reported, the farm work was little, the forestry work was almost not affrected.

Corona is an interlude to the problem where is no vaccination in sight: Climate change. Even if the topic does not currently cover the front pages, it remains the same. We don‘t need a new wave of fear, but a wave of action. It is gratifying that Corona has shown that we can quickly change our consumer behavior when it is on fire. It has also been proven that the human brain has amazing abilities to inform the body when it gets hot. If we see climate change as a source of fire, all we must do is change our consumer behavior in favor of a world worth living in for the next generations. It is easy, and it‘s fun.

From left: Mahogany seeds with fruit capsule, middle picture showed seedling after about seven months, the right picture mahogany a tree after around two years. Forestry is a lot of work, but when success works the work is even more fun.

Wormicast: We mix our own worm compost production into the soil. This improves the soil quality enormously and the trees enjoy the richness of the nutrients.

The better the soil, the higher the harvests. Cocoa trees are very sensitive if the soil values are not correct. You lose the strength to grow enough cacao pods, well filled with beans.

The Mama Earth Foundation runs sustainable forestry in association with farmers who are profitably involved in lumber. The mahogany project is matured in concept and need now only being reproduced. I don‘t know of any forestry that contains so many social components, but I would like to be taught. And the good thing, everyone deserves it: farmers, investors and even the Foundation have income after the wood harvest to initiate further projects. Nature is the big winner.

Mama Earth Cacao stands for ecological agriculture and is followed very carefully here because we are in stark contrast to the work that pharmaceutical companies proclaim. We are happy to forego the side effects of the chemicals, which can be read on the package insert as with medication, but which are not included in the packaging. Simply listing the side effects of glyphosate here would go beyond the working report. There are just too many.

There is another way. Just show how it works. We do not refer to any secret formulas in the safe, we show our dirty hands when we come from the field. Because we have higher yields despite not using chemicals, farmers are increasingly asking us what we do differently and we are at the foundation of every agriculture, the soil.

Forests and fields working hand in hand. The drought in large parts of the world is difficult for agriculture. The formula is simple and always the same: little forest, little rain. The tropic countries are different, even if there are no forests. In Mindanao, in the south of the Philippines, summertime ends (April and May) and the weather is determined by the regular rain, which usually provides freshness in tropical showers at night. Everything turns green. This is how work is fun. Thank you for your precious time and do not forget to buy a tree.

Ulrich Kronberg

Algae farm in the Gulf of Davao, right on your doorstep. Algae are considered the natural fertilizer of the super class.

Everything is handmade, including the harvest. The algae are brought to „juicing“ as freshly as possible, because every liter counts.

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