• Mangroves on subscription

    The Mama Earth Foundation plants a mangrove every day

Donate mangroves – by subscription

To strengthen our mangrove plantations, we offer a mangrove subscription. Mangroves are known to be the “rainforests of the seas“. They protect coasts and reefs, create breeding grounds for fish and birds; but also bind C02 like no other plant. Therefore, we are massively rearing, currently in Mati, Mindanao, Philippines, where 600,000 mangroves will grow by the end of 2020. The beginning is made. Join in. The payment is made securely and conveniently via Paypal to the account info@mama-earth.de.

“Yes, I would like to wake up every day and say that the Mama Earth Foundation has planted a mangrove for me. Day after day, until I cancel my subscription. I’m ready to pay 90 euros a year.” For this please contact me without obligation.

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